Approach to Quality

We have formulated quality assurance and management rules for quality assurance and management of our products, technologies, and services (hereinafter collectively referred to as "products"). With customer satisfaction (CS) as the basic action principle of our business activities, we aim to provide highly value-added and differentiated products. In order to realize this, as a member of the Nippon Light Metal Group, we promote improvement activities on a daily basis to ensure thorough quality assurance and management of our products with the aim of understanding customer needs and achieving CS.

Quality Policy

  • 1.We strengthen legal compliance and quality risk management and stably provide quality products that give our customers safety and peace of mind.
  • 2.We aim to improve customer satisfaction in all departments, make continuous improvements, and contribute to the stability and improvement of quality from the standpoint of each individual.
  • 3.We implement drastic measures to prevent the recurrence of past complaints and similar complaints to achieve zero quality complaints.
  • 4.We strive to continuously develop human resources, improve the capabilities of individuals and organization, improve operational efficiency, and promote cost improvements.
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