Approach to the Environment

Environmental Policy

Nikkei MC Aluminium Co., Ltd., contributes to the formation of a recycling-oriented society through the production and sales of alloys with high customer satisfaction through recycling of aluminum. At the same time, we improve the environmental impact of our production activities to realize a sustainable society. To that end, we promote the following activities.

  • 1.We comply with the applicable environment-related laws and regulations, ordinances of each prefecture, municipality, and the agreements with local communities to which we agreed.
  • 2.We strive to save resources and energy in our aluminum recycling business and contribute to carbon neutrality.
  • 3.We reduce environmental impacts, such as exhaust gas, wastewater, noise, and odor. In addition, we minimize the risks of environmental impacts, such as the discharge and leakage of environmental pollutants due to accidents, and strive to protect the local environment.
  • 4.We actively promote generation suppression and effective utilization of waste and by-products associated with our business.
  • 5.We continue to promote activities that contribute to biodiversity conservation.
  • 6.We conduct appropriate environmental management and continuous human resource development by periodically reviewing environmental management procedures and conducting training and education.

In addition, to support the achievements of these matters, we review and continuously improve our environmental management system through internal audits, management reviews, and other means.

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