Molten Metal Cleaning Equipment: Shizunami

Nikkei MC Aluminium's molten metal cleaning equipment Shizunami maintains an extremely smooth molten metal surface by the normal/reverse rotation system of the shaft, reducing generation of oxides due to engulfment and performing degassing effectively.


  • - Excellent degassing effect
  • - Quality improvement of molten metal
  • - Cost reduction
    (Less consumption of consumables)
  • - Reduced loss of molten metal
  • - Energy saving (Reduction of overall time)

FF Shizunami (with the flux treatment function)

  • - Increased cleanliness of molten metal
  • - Improvement of work environment
  • - Time reduction (Work efficiency improvement)
  • - Work standardization (Automatic treatment)
  • - About 1/10 of flux used

It is possible to design the equipment according to the customer's conditions of use. Please feel free to contact us.

Features of Normal/Reverse Rotation System

  • (1)Agitation in the molten metal spreads to every corner, and the degassing effect is excellent.
  • (2)The oxide film is less mixed into the molten metal, and the quality of the molten metal is improved.
  • (3)The degassing time is short due to high-speed rotation of the shaft, so the consumption of consumables is small, and the cost is reduced.
  • (4)The settling time after degassing is shortened, and the efficiency of the equipment can be improved.
  • (5)Shortened degassing time mitigates the temperature drop of the molten metal, resulting in energy saving effect.
  • (6)Since the molten metal surface is smooth, less oxides are generated, and the loss of molten metal is reduced.
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