Licensed Alloys

Through a cooperative relationship with Rheinfelden Alloys GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), we manufacture and sell high-performance aluminum alloys developed by the company.

Product Lineup

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Alloy typeTemperTensile strength
0.2% proof stress
Thermal conductivity
Electric conductivity
FeaturesMain Applications
Silafont®-36T6250-290210-2807-1215036.0-45.0An alloy for die-casting with excellent castability, corrosion resistance, and weldabilityAutomotive frame materials,engine related materials
Silafont®-38T6300-345230-2606-915036.0-41.5An alloy that can maintain high properties even after air quenching in solution treatment and contribute to a reduction in product distortion.Automotive frame materials,engine related materials
Castasil®-37F260-300120-15010-1414031.0-38.0An alloy with excellent castability, corrosion resistance, dimensional stability and riveting propertiesAutomotive frame materials,battery cases
Castaduct®-42F240-280120-15010-2214024.0-29.5An alloy for die-casting with high strength and elongation without heat treatment, excellent in seizure resistance, corrosion resistance and rivetabilityAutomotive frame materials,battery cases
Castaman®-35T6250-340180-2806-1214036.0-45.0An alloy for die-casting with both high strength and elongation that can contribute to environmental conservation and material cost reduction.Automotive frame materials
Castasil®-21F200-23090-1006-919043.0-48.5An alloy for die-casting with excellent thermal conductivity and electric conductivityHeatsink material,Motor rotor material

* F: As-cast
  T6: Quenching treatment was applied after solution treatment and then artificial aging treatment was applied.

Manufacturing and Sales Alloys by Hub

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