Molten Metal Cleanliness Evaluation Equipment

Nikkei MC Aluminium also handles equipment for molten metal cleanliness evaluation and other products.

KV Counter

Because of the expansion of aluminum functional parts, productivity, and yield improvement, it has become essential to improve the cleanliness of molten metal. The K mold test method, which detects oxides, oxide films, and other inclusions in molten aluminum to prevent the occurrence of defects, has become available for anyone to easily evaluate without individual differences using the K mold image analysis equipment. Nikkei MC Aluminium provides K mold image analysis equipment KV Counter, which is the most suitable for quality judgment.

K Mold Casting Molds, Ransley Casting Molds, and Other Analysis Jigs

K mold casting mold

The K mold test method is a molten metal cleanliness evaluation method developed by Nippon Light Metal. The JIS standard (JIS H 0523:2020) for the K mold test method is also established, and the method is utilized around the world. Molten aluminum alloy is cast into the K-mold casting mold, and the cast sample is used for judgment. Nikkei MC Aluminium sells the K mold casting molds used for this judgment and conducts the workshop for practicing the K mold judgment. In addition, we also offer the Ransley casting molds used for the evaluation test of gas amounts and other analysis jigs. Please contact us.

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