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Nikkei MC Aluminium operates a recycling business that produces aluminum alloys using scraps of aluminum products as a main material.
Adding other metals such as copper and metallic silicon to aluminum provides and enhances various functions beyond the superior properties inherent to aluminum. It also expands the scope of potential applications.
Nikkei MC Aluminium takes advantage of its industry-leading capacity to develop new alloys within the Nippon Light Metal Group to develop and provide aluminum alloys with the characteristics and specifications our customers need.

We're also proud of our industry-leading capabilities in the area of international business. We supply aluminum alloys for various industries in markets around the world and support Japanese companies in their advance overseas.
In addition to the United States, Thailand, China, India, and Mexico, where we already operate facilities, we will continue to supply high quality and high function aluminum alloys backed by advanced technologies in areas around the world.


In addition to the de facto standard 5 kg ingots, our lines of products including molten metal supplies meet various needs of our customers.

  • 5 kg ingot

    5 kg ingot

  • Molten metal supply

    Molten metal supply

  • Standard alloys

    We meet diverse needs through strict quality control and delivery management.

    We handle various types of general-purpose aluminum alloy ingots, including ingots for die casting and foundry industry.
    We value flexibility and applicability and respond to the needs of our customers, including delivery and other schedules. We operate an environment that produces quality aluminum in a timely manner.

    General purpose alloys
  • Developed Alloys

    We provide products with the requisite characteristics, specifications, and quality.

    We're proud of our lines of diverse products that respond to the needs of our customers, including high toughness alloys, highly wear resistant alloys, and high thermal conductivity alloys.

    Developed Alloys
  • Tests and Evaluations

    Thorough inspection and testing systems based on advanced skills to build trust

    Nikkei MC Aluminium performs various analyses, evaluations, material tests, and aluminum alloy prototyping in partnership with the Nikkei Research and Development Center of the Nippon Light Metal Group.

    Tests and Evaluations

Production processes

The aluminum scrap accepted as raw materials passes through the processes of sorting, melting, Treatment, molten metal inspection, casting, and packing to reemerge as new aluminum alloy.
Created from a wealth of experience, superior operation techniques, and thorough inspection and testing systems, our high quality aluminum alloy ingots are processed into various parts by our customers and supplied mainly to the automotive industry.

Sorting → Melting → Treatment → Metal inspection → Casting → Packing → Customers

Business and Product Information