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Privacy Policy

To protect the privacy of users visiting the Website, Nikkei MC Aluminium Co., Ltd. ("Company" hereinafter) pays close attention to the handling and control of their personal information. While certain services on the Website require the user to submit his or her personal information, the administrator of the Company controls such personal information appropriately. The Company will not disclose or provide the user's personal information to any third party without consent of the user unless any of the following applies:

  • 1.The user has consented to the disclosure of his or her personal information.
  • 2.The Company is required to disclose the user's personal information for legal reasons or by government agencies having relevant jurisdiction.
  • 3.The Company is required to disclose the user's personal information to outsourcees or to other companies for purposes related to operating the Website. In such cases, the Company ensures that such personal information is disclosed only to the extent necessary, and that the disclosed personal information is appropriately controlled by concluding confidential agreements with recipient companies and by other methods.

The Company will comply with all applicable laws and regulations and other norms in handling the personal information collected and retained by the Website. The Company will not intentionally sell or transfer the user's personal information to a third party. Any changes in the Company's policies on the handling of personal information described above will be announced on the Website.