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Company History

1939 March Nippon Light Metal Company Ltd. established.
1940 July Maeda Light Metal Industries (later known as MC Aluminium Co., Ltd.) begins operating.
1964 August Maeda Light Metal Industries is reorganized as a joint-stock corporation.
1970 April Kota Alloy Casting Factory (currently the Kota Plant) of Nippon Light Metal Co., Ltd. begins operating.
1970 January Maeda Light Metal Tokyo Office opens.
1970 July Maeda Light Metal Togura Plant wins approval as a JIS-certified manufacturer.
1971 December Maeda Light Metal Asaba Plant completed.
1973 April Kansai Aluminium Alloy Co., Ltd., (later known as Taishin Light Metal; currently the Mie Plant) begins operating.
1986 July Maeda Light Metal Industries Co., Ltd. renamed MC Aluminium Co., Ltd.
1989 May Nikkei MC Aluminum America, Inc. established.
1991 April Nippon Light Metal Co., Ltd. merges with Taishin Light Metal Co., Ltd. (currently the Mie Plant).
1993 August Alcan Tochigi succeeded by MC Aluminium Tochigi Co., Ltd.
1994 March MC Aluminium merges with MC Aluminium Tochigi Co., Ltd., which is organized as the Tochigi Plant.
1995 July M.C. Aluminum (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. established.
1996 July Nikkei MC Aluminum Thailand Co., Ltd. established.
2001 May MC Aluminium receives ISO 14001 certificate
2003 July MC Aluminium receives ISO 9001 certificate
2005 August MC Aluminum (Korat) Co., Ltd. established.
2005 October M.C. Aluminum (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. renamed M.C. Nikkei Aluminum (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.
2007 April The aluminum alloy business of Nippon Light Metal Company Ltd. is divided and assumed by MC Aluminium Co., Ltd. to be reestablished as Nikkei MC Aluminium Co., Ltd.
2012 September CMR Nikkei India Private Ltd. established as joint corporation in India.
2013 September T.S.T. Nikkei Metales S. de R.L. de C.V. established as joint corporation in Mexico.