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Terms of Website Use

This website ("Website" hereinafter) is operated by Nikkei MC Aluminium Co., Ltd. ("Company" hereinafter).

1. Disclaimer

The information provided on the Website ("Information" hereinafter) has been prepared in the best possible faith and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, the Company and its affiliated companies referred to on the Website ("Affiliated companies" hereinafter) provide no guarantees as to the completeness, accuracy, or timeliness of the Information.
The Website and the Information are provided on the condition that the user uses them at his or her own risk. The Company and its Affiliated companies assume no responsibility or liability for any losses arising from or in connection with the use of or reliance on the Information or the Website.
Depending on the particulars of the communications environment, the user's computer environment, and other factors, note that the Website may not render as intended.

2. Copyright

The Information is protected by copyrights in Japan and in other countries and regions. You may not sell, modify, distribute, exhibit, copy, or otherwise use the Information for commercial purposes.
The Company and the Affiliated companies provide no guarantees of any kind with regard to products referenced by the Information or the Website, including non-infringement of third party rights and fitness for specific purposes.

3. Trademarks

The rights to trademarks appearing on the Website, including brand names and service marks, belong to the Company or to right holders who have granted permission to use such trademarks to the Company. Please refrain from using any of these trademarks without prior consent from the rights holders.

4. Suspension of the Website

The Company may temporarily suspend information provision via the Website without prior notice to allow for systems maintenance or due to system failure, fire, power outage, earthquake, or other natural disasters.

5. Revision and removal of the Website

The Company may revise or remove the contents of the Website or its addresses (URLs) without prior notice. We ask for your understanding in this regard.

6. Links

Third-party websites links appearing on the Website or those linking to the Website ("Linked Websites" hereinafter) are operated and maintained under the responsibility of the respective website operators. Please comply with their terms of use when using Linked Websites. The Company assumes no responsibility or liability regarding the contents of the Linked Websites or any losses arising from or in connection with the use of the Linked Websites.
While the Company in principle allows links to the Website to be placed in other websites and documents, the Company does not permit links that may infringe the Company's rights or obstruct the Company's business activities or the placement of links on websites or in emails containing any of the following:

  • content that violates social norms
  • illegal content
  • pornographic content
  • content slandering or defaming the Company or the Affiliated companies

7. Privacy protection

To protect the privacy of users visiting the Website, the Company pays close attention to the handling and control of their personal information. While certain services on the Website require the user to submit his or her personal information, the administrator of the Company controls such personal information appropriately. The Company will not disclose or provide the user's personal information to any third party without the user's consent, except in the following cases:

  • 1.The user has consented to the disclosure of his or her personal information.
  • 2.The Company is required to disclose the user's personal information for legal reasons or by government agencies having relevant jurisdiction.
  • 3.The Company is required to disclose the user's personal information to outsourcees or to other companies for purposes related to operating the Website. In such cases, the Company will take every precaution to ensure that such personal information is disclosed only to the extent necessary, and that the disclosed personal information is appropriately controlled, by concluding confidential agreements with recipient companies and by other means.

The Company will comply with all applicable laws and regulations and other norms in handling the personal information collected and retained by the Website. The Company will not intentionally sell or transfer the user's personal information to a third party.
Any changes in the Company's policies on the handling of personal information described above will be announced on the Website.

8. Governing law

All matters related to the Website, including disputes related thereto, shall be governed by the laws of Japan. The Tokyo District Court in Japan shall have exclusive jurisdiction over such disputes.