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Approach to Quality

Nikkei MC Aluminium has established quality assurance and control rules for our products, techniques, and services ("products" hereinafter). We set the customer satisfaction (CS) as the basic action principle of our business activities and strive to provide high value-added products that differentiate our products from the products of other companies. Toward this goal, to identify customer needs and achieve customer satisfaction, we promote daily improvement activities as a group company of Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd. ("NLM" hereinafter), thereby ensuring thorough quality assurance and control for our products.

Action policy

  • 1.We abide by all applicable laws and regulations, meet customer requirements, and always seek to maintain and improve the effectiveness of our quality control system.
  • 2.Based on our goal-to improve customer satisfaction-all employees strive to improve quality and service in their individual positions.
  • 3.We capture the needs of customers and markets, respond quickly to conditions and trends for raw materials, and take measures to ensure a stable supply of products that meet needs.
  • 4.We standardize business operations, strive to increase efficiency, stabilize quality, and reduce costs.
  • 5.We promote the clean factory campaign, the 3S activities (Seiri (organizing), Seiton (tidying), and Seiso (cleaning)), and visualization.
  • 6.We enhance the management and guidance we provide to our subcontractors.

ISO 9001

Nikkei MC Aluminium has received the ISO 9001 international standard certification to maintain and reinforce the quality management system. As of March 31, 2016, our domestic and overseas hubs have received certification.

ISO 9001
  • Certificate No.:Q1233
  • Registered scope:Design/development, production and sales of aluminum alloy and aluminum mother alloy ingot
  • Certification scope:Head office, branch offices, and Tochigi plant, Togura plant, Koda plant, Mie plant, Kambara plant within Japan

Scope of quality assurance

Our quality assurance and control activities address a full range of activities, from product design and development, handling of complaints after shipment, to after-sales services. For the following control items, we work with an emphasis on preventive measures, based on a quality assurance system that specifies the execution and control of the business operations of each department:

  • (1)Product design and development
  • (2)Production facilities
  • (3)Procurement and outsourcing
  • (4)Production
  • (5)Inspection
  • (6)Shipment
  • (7)Handling of complaints and provision of technical services

Quality Committee

The NLM Group Quality Conference is attended by the people involved in quality assurance, including those from related companies, with the quality assurance officer of NLM serving as chair and its quality assurance department serving as secretariat. Nikkei MC Aluminium also participates in the conference every six months as a member of the group and works to share policies and information regarding quality assurance within the group.

Quality assurance improvement activities

Internal quality audit

In our quality audits, the internal auditors at each hub perform audits of other hubs in accordance with audit standards specified in the Internal Audit Rules; check the operational state of the quality system; and promote activities to improve matters identified for quality improvement.

Group quality diagnosis

The NLM quality assurance department visits each hub of the group companies to survey and assess the state of quality control and quality problems and provide guidance (suggestions for improvement) as required. In doing so, it performs quality diagnoses to maintain, control, and improve the quality at each hub and to grasp the state of quality control for the entire group. Nikkei MC Aluminium, including our overseas hubs, actively takes advantage of these opportunities and makes every effort to improve quality by laterally disseminating group improvement activities.

Quality ISO Investigation Meeting

This meeting is held in each department every month to manage progress toward set quality goals and the PDCA state; to share information among R&D and sales departments and plants; and to enable cross-sectional activities across the company.

Customer questionnaire survey

To accept the opinions of customers in good faith and reflect them in product quality and services, we regularly undertake questionnaire surveys on quality and make every effort to collect information and implement improvements.

Quality-related education

We provide the necessary training and education to ensure effective quality assurance, even at our overseas hubs, and make every effort to ensure quality.

・Education on optical emission spectrometer
・K- mold workshop

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