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Approach to Safety

Nikkei MC Aluminium promotes safety and health activities in our domestic and overseas plants. We strive to establish safe, comfortable workplaces with zero occupational accidents.

Action policy

  • 1.To improve and establish safety awareness, we start meetings, including formal meetings and morning assemblies, with discussions involving confirmation, instruction, and notification on safety and health matters.
  • 2.We identify the risk of dangers and hazards in our risk assessments, investigate these issues, and take countermeasures, starting with the high-risk items. We review the relevant work standards and provide safety education.
  • 3.We perform safety and health audits twice a year to check the state of compliance with major laws and regulations; dangers and hazards; safety of machinery; and the status of important items in our safety and health improvement activities. We also take a vigorous approach to incorporating improvements established at other plants.
  • 4.We make sure that risk events and serious near-miss incidents are promulgated across the company to prevent accidents.


Annual action plan We review the previous year's activities, formulate an annual safety and health action plan, and put this plan into practice.
Safety and Health Committee We hold Safety and Health Committee meetings every month to protect employees from accidents and to maintain and promote employee health.
Monitoring and improving the workplace environment We check the hazards in the workplace through work environment measurements, then take improvement measures, if required.
We identify dangers and hazards in the near-miss incident reports and perform safety patrols to improve the workplace.
Education We provide safety education when we take someone into employment. We also provide education on work standards to persons in charge of process changes.
We provide legally mandated skills training and ensure the required number of qualified persons for special education.
We participate in safety experience education to raise safety awareness against dangers.
Heat measures We implement preventive measures to prevent occupational illnesses and heat stroke due to summer heat.
Protective equipment We regularly inspect our protective equipment. If any equipment is found to be more effective, we investigate and purchase them, where appropriate.
Workers observe all protective equipment standards and wear protective equipment in the appropriate way.
Inspections and checks We perform legally mandated inspections and checks and appropriately perform machinery maintenance and management.
KYT activities In the KYT activities, we increase sensitivity to risks for safe operations.
Risk assessments We perform risk assessments at the stage of design for new, remodeled, and transferred facility equipment.
After risk assessments, we systematically implement improvement measures for the dangers and hazards identified.
Compliance with laws and regulations We remain abreast of laws and regulations on safety and health on a regular basis or as required.
  • Safety and Health Committee

  • Regulation

  • Monitoring and improving the workplace environment

Approach to Safety and Quality