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Tests and Evaluations

Nikkei MC Aluminium performs various analyses, evaluations, material tests, and aluminum alloy prototyping in partnership with the Nikkei Research and Development Center of the Nippon Light Metal Group.

Component analysis

Analyzes the components of ingots and products.

Test Description
Optical emission spectroscopy (OES) Component analysis by optical emission spectroscopy
Chemical analysis Component analysis by chemical analysis
Glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy (GD-OES) Component analysis of surface (4 mm × 4 mm)
Electron probe X-ray microanalyzer (EPMA) Qualitative and semi-quantitative analyses
Electron beam imaging, X-ray imaging, and elemental mapping are available.
X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) Qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis
X-ray diffraction (XRD) Material identification analysis

Morphology and structural observations

Observes and evaluates the structures of ingots and products.

Test Description
Microstructure observations Observations of microstructures of sample cross sections
DAS measurements and other imaging analysis are also available.
Macrostructure observation Observations of macrostructures by macro etching method
Grain size, shape, distribution
Staining flaw detection method
Color check
Observations of porosity by staining flaw detection method (color check)
Stereoscopic observation Observations of sample surfaces by stereomicroscope
Scanning electron microscopy observation (SEM) Observations of sample surfaces and component analysis
Transmission electron microscopy observation (TEM) Observations of internal structures of a sample

Mechanical properties and physical properties

Measures the mechanical properties of ingots and products.

Test Description
Hardness test Measurements of Rockwell hardness, Vickers hardness, and Brinell hardness
Tensile test Measurements of tensile strength, 0.2% proof strength, and elongation
This test can be performed both at room and high temperatures.
Fatigue test Fatigue test via rotation bending and plane bending
Charpy impact test Evaluation of the toughness of a material
Electrical conductivity measurement Measurement of electrical conductivity by sigma test method
Conversion to thermal conductivity is also available.
Specific gravity measurement Measurement of specific gravity by Archimedes' method
Corrosion test Measurement of corrosion amounts by CASS and other salt spray test methods.

Molten metal evaluation

Evaluates the quality of molten metal.

Test Description
Inclusion evaluation
K mold method
Evaluation of inclusions in molten metal
Measurements of K value (observation magnification ×1), K3 value (observation magnification ×3), and K10 value (observation magnification ×10)
Inclusion measurement
PoDFA11 evaluation
Evaluation of cleanliness of molten metal
Measurements of filtration rate, inclusion content, and oxide film length
Gas analysis Analysis of gas amounts by the Ransley gas analysis method and LECO method
Measurements of total gas amount and hydrogen gas content (Ransley method only)
Molten metal shrinkage test
Theta mold method
Evaluation of shrinkage caused by contraction associated with solidification
Measurements of external shrinkage and porosity
Molten metal fluidity test
Shell spiral method
Evaluation of fluidity of the molten metal during solidification
Measurement of flow length (length reached by molten metal in the shell)
Molten metal thermal analysis Analysis of solidification curve using shell sand molds


Prepares ingots and die cast plates.

Test Description
Casting Preparation of ingots
Composition and shape are negotiable.
Heat treatment Artificial aging treatment, quenching, and solution heat treatment
Die-casting prototyping Dimensions: 180 × 150 × 3/6/12 mm
Alloy types and other dimensions are negotiable.
Low-pressure solidification sample preparation Preparation of boundary sample by low-pressure solidification
Measurements of amount of gas are also available.

Tests other than those listed above are negotiable.

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