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Die cast alloys with high thermal conductivity (low cost version)

Enhancing the performance of DX 19 as a secondary alloy achieved superior cost performance comparable to the ADC12 alloy.
Exhibiting castability equivalent to the ADC12 alloy and high thermal conductivity, this alloy is an easy replacement for ADC12.

Al-11Si-Cu-Fe alloy
Environmentally-friendly alloy offers good castability and allows secondary alloying.
  • Thermal conductivity

    Thermal conductivity

    Thermal conductivity exceeding ADC12

  • Die casting formability

    Die casting formability

    Castability equivalent to ADC12

  • Mechanical properties

    Mechanical properties

List of general characteristics

  DX19 DX19eco ADC12
%IACS 37 35 21
Linear expansion
10-6/℃ 21 21 21
Tensile strength MPa 260 245 296
proof strength
MPa 150 135 186
Elongation % 3.0 3.8 2.0
Young's modulus GPa 72 72 71
Hardness HRB 55 50 55
Castability 5 5 5
Corrosion resistance 2 3 1
Specific gravity 2.70 2.70 2.73
Liquid phase
580 580 580

※This data is provided solely for reference purposes.
※The mechanical properties of ADC12 are drawn
 from the materials database of the Japan Aluminium Association.

※Castability and corrosion
 resistance: 5: good; 1: poor

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